17 October 2006

Orlando, Florida - October 13 & 14, 2006

So Xina (AFI Series) had the idea to meet up at Universal Studios in Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights 2006. It was a great idea, and the meet-up was a success. On Friday after 3rd block (roughly at 1 PM), Raymond and I left school early and headed over to Raymond's house where he got his things. Then began the journey on I-95 South to Daytona, then I-4 West to Orlando. It was an enjoyable ride with many jokes about highways forgotten by history and water bottles; it was a ride full of singing Bjork songs at the top of our lungs.

We arrived at our hotel and checked in and all that jazz. Myline, the AFI Series turtle mascot, was with us the whole time. After quickly getting ready, we headed over to the Denny's nearby, the planned meet-up zone for everyone. There, I met Xina and her three friends: Katie, Kim and Mike. We ate some great Denny's which I had been craving all week, then headed over to the theme park.

We headed through City Walk via those walkways that move... that was fun. Once we arrived inside the park, the sun was still out, so the scary stuff wasn't out yet. So, we rode E.T. We came to the conclusion that next time we need to drop acid before riding E.T. because E.T.'s homeworld was quite a trip. Now it was dark.

We rode most of the rides because the lines were so short. Men in Black was extremely fun, especially when it spinned out of control. Xina beat my score because she pushed the red button and I didn't. I would have owned her if I did. Jaws was intense; there was fire. Twister, for some reason, also had fire. Jimmy Neutron was fun, but gave me whiplash and my neck hurt until Saturday. We also saw one of the most glorious things ever: ROBOSAURUS. By reading the description of it, I knew it would be amazing, but it exceeded all my expectations; Robosaurus breathed fire!! It was so cool.

The scary stuff was amazingly fun. We went through two of the walkway paths: Harvest of Souls and Zombie Apocalypse. The Harvest of Souls was very autumn-esque and featured pumpkins, scarecrows, hay and goblins. Zombie Apocalypse was cool because I couldn't tell if the person walking next to me was a real person of a zombie. There were also sexy zombie girls ;) We only got to see one haunted house due to extremely long lines (in one of the lines, I tried a little creamsicle Jello Shot), but it was lots of fun. We went into Psychopath, a house based off the movie Psycho and Norman Bates. It was trippy and so much fun. There's something about being put under lots of stress that's fun... :D

We also saw one of the greatest things I've ever seen in my life. I won't explain it, though, cuz something is lost whenever I try to tell people. But trust me, it was great. Xina could not stop laughing. "My shoe!! My shoe!!"

Sometime after midnight, we went our separate ways. It was really fun; Xina and her friends are great. The next day, Raymond and I hit up the Mall at Millenia and the outlet mall there (I forget the name... the nice one), then we went back home. It was a great way to spend the weekend :)

Here are the pictures I took from our journey.
Howdy. This blog will be for me to chronicle my journeys across this earth. My first journey is planned for the later half of the month of November. Whenever I have access to a computer and the Interwebs, I will go on here and write about what's been happening to me so far, and if possible (though more than likely improbable), I will post pictures. If not, I'll post them all when my journey ends and I'm back home where I can work with the photos I take. This blog will be for my friends to read. Enjoy :)

I will also use this to write down my plans and ideas so that I won't forget them... And maybe I'll use it randomly for other things.